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Vea Srl is a leader at the flexible packaging field and more. It is an important reality of Made in Italy specialized.

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Mechanical workshop

Vea was born as a mechanical workshop, then it specialized in producing tailored spare parts and after it started producing polyurethane adhesives mixers for the world of flexible packaging.

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Vea’s strength is to provide a complete product as well as its spare parts, The portfolio is made of first level machines and staff qualified in working with presses and cutting machines.
It provides any kind of material even on specific.


Mixer Production

Vea srl company proposes itself as the maximum point of reference in the production and resale of adhesive mixers, the years of experience in the field have allowed Vea srl to be able to develop generations of increasingly smaller mixers.

Who We Are

Vea Srl was founded in 1984 by Fausto Gasparini.

It is an important asset of “made in Italy”, specialized in the production of mixers for adhesives with or without addiction of solvents in the world of flexible packaging.

Vea today is still a world reference point in the field of planning and production of packaging machinery. Known as reliable and efficient with high quality standards, Vea products are considered the best the market can offer. Matrix M1 was the first model built among Vea products, simple and robust, today it is still competitive in spite of the fact that newer productions are decidedly more advanced.

Thanks to continuous technological research, Vea today has reached the production of its fifth generation of mixers. Following the path of its predecessors, all new products are reliable, simple and completely automated, quality that has always been a key factor in the company production.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding our services, We are always at your disposal for any kind of information that you might need