The strong point of Vea is to supply a finished product but also individual spare parts.
The workforce is composed of qualified personnel working with presses and cutting machines

Mechanical carpentry workshop

Vea also works on behalf of third parties, thanks to a highly specialized staff it is able to produce, starting from a drawing, mechanical parts and is also able to guarantee spare parts for mixers and dispensers. Vea was born as a mechanical workshop for the production of tailored pieces, subsequently it specialized in the production of mixers for polyurethane adhesives in the field of flexible packaging. Today, thanks to its continuous technical research, Vea has reached the production of its fifth generation of mixers. Following the path of its predecessors, the new products are reliable, simple and completely automated, quality that has always been a key factor in the company production. The first born of Vea’s products family was Matrix M1, simple and robust and still competitive despite its age.


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Potential advantages

Vea was born as a mechanical workshop therefore it produces not only machines but also their spare parts, a very important detail that sets Vea apart in the customer management by guaranteeing timely technical assistance. Investing in technological research to keep offering better products to the market. Since the year of its creation, Vea has been following a strategy of development while at the same time consolidating the products already on the market. Vea offers technical assistance also for machines that are out of production, it is just a matter of ordering one of the damaged parts.