Vea Srl was founded in 1984 by Fausto Gasparini. It is an important asset of “Made in Italy” specialized in the production of mixers for adhesives with or without addiction of solvents in the world of flexible packaging. Gasparini was already known in the packaging world after having founded Nordmeccanica.

Matrix MT

Nineteen years after the creation of the first Solventless Vea mixer, we are proud to launch the newest and most advanced evolution of our product range: the Matrix MT Mixer.

The new unit was entirely developed in-house by our R&D Team, leveraging on the unique and exclusive know-how acquired via consistent success and technology developments throughout the years with emphasis on effectiveness and versatility.


At first glance, it will be immediately apparent that the Matrix Mixer offers unique versatility thanks to its reduced dimensions (less than square meter) vs comparable machinery, as well as a convenient and manageable weight of less than 80 KG.

  • Matrix MT can be easily loaded and transported in a car’s trunk;
  • It does not require any assembling or installation operations before use, it is “ready to go” for the required settings and use hence reducing the operational time and costs significantly
  • It is able to dose all the types of adhesives on the market, ranging from a 100:10 to 100:100 ratio and the other way around, by simply setting up the parameters on the operator panel
  • It enables to separately and independently set up each temperature value of each tank and heated tube;
  • It offers unparalleled ease of cleaning thanks to the capacity of only 10 kg for each component inside the tanks
  • It offers the ability to record all the production data detected during the various deliveries, in addition to the adhesive specific data, to ensure traceability and analysis by simply extracting and connecting a USB key to your PC.
  • The very compact and portable size makes it perfect for all the instances when it is necessary to test an adhesive directly on the production lines, eliminating the waste of time required to empty the mixer from the adhesive normally used, allowing you to consider all the fundamental parameters for the achievement of an optimum outcome.

In line with our mechanical tradition, the work of 2 volumetric gear pumps, driven by two servomotors, allows to always attain the desired mixing percentage with utmost precision while adjusting the flow rate of the adhesive to the consumption required by a specific process.

The gear pumps are installed below the heated aluminum plates and in contact with them,  which guarantees that each component is kept at the same temperature in all the various stages of dosing, whilst also ensuring the perfect volumetric efficiency and precision of the mixing ratio

Technical Data:

Adhesives Mixer Solventless polyurethane aromatic and aliphatic
Net Weight 80 KG
Dimensions 60x50x90H cm
Voltage 230 VAC Single phase
For other voltages, please contact our sales department
Frequency 50Hz
For other frequency needs, please contact our sales department
Power 3 Kw
Maximum allowable current consumption
       Auxiliary Voltage 24 VDC
Compressed Air Not Necessary
Compressed air connection Connect only if pneumatic delivery block valves are present.
Connect the power supply directly to the solenoid control

Easy to use

VEA mixers have always guaranteed their efficient and accurate operation also thanks to high fundamental characteristics such as:

  • IThe software includes over 60 alarms that monitor and act in various ways during the functioning of the mixer to ensure maximum precision and capacity control at every stage of the process
  • A user friendly control interface based on the use of a single work page, allows to simultaneously monitor all information relating to each stage of mixing process
  • In line with all our previous products, we have utilized our standard insulation method based on the double-wall stainless steel casings, which ensures perfect heat retention and ensure that the system maintains the adhesive temperature of the adhesive stable and at the desired levels.

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