Vea produces and designs. The founder, Fausto Gasparini, was already known in the world of packaging after having founded Nordmeccanica. In fact, Vea was born as a mechanical workshop for the production of tailored parts, subsequently it specialized in the production of mixers for polyurethane adhesives in the field of flexible packaging.


Polyurethane mixers maintenance goes through our mechanical workshop, here all spare parts to make our machines work at their best are produced. After purchasing the bi-component and solvent-less M10 mixer created for flexible packaging, you will find here all the material needed for its maintenance. Mixer M10 Matrix is equipped with automated filling, catalyst and pump system for coupling machines with maximum speed of 600 mt/min and a 1300/1500 band. Spare parts are also produced for Matrix M4S which has the same equipment as the M10 but with a maximum speed of 350 mt/min and a 1300mm band. Spare parts for Solventmixer, the mixer with solvent base for three or five components made of base, catalyst and solvent are also produced in the mechanical workshop.
Solventmixer is equipped with cart base and automated filling, it is available as standalone, without connection to the coupling machine, and fully automated connected to the coupling machine.



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Potential advantages

When buying a mixer it is guaranteed that, beside the ease of use, there is also the possibility to have a technical and maintenance area available. By just calling the Company it will be possible to receive clarifications in case of problems. Or products are famous for their ease of use that makes them suitable for everyone, it is not necessary to have any specific training to work with them, completely automated with very low margin of error thanks to continuous functional testing. Technical coverage is guaranteed with almost total assistance everywhere in the world, the parts are entirely produced within the company. In case of need an engineer can be available.