Vea is leader in the packaging world. It is an important asset of “made in Italy” specialized in the production of mixers for adhesives with or without addiction of solvents in the world of flexible packaging. It offers technical assistance for products that are out of production.

Matrix m4s

It is the smaller brother of the M10, with the same equipment but with maximum speed of 350 mt/min and a 1300mm band. It is a solvent-less bi-component mixer used for flexible packaging. It is equipped with automated filling Base and Catalyst with onboard pump system, for coupling machines with maximum speed of 350 mt/min and a 1300mm band. Matrix M4S is completely automated, it has passed strict security tests before its launch on the market, it is provided with alarms in case there is a wrong mix of the components. Functionality tests have shown a very low margin of risk, afterword confirmed during its usage in the field. Vea guarantees its products ensuring adequate technical assistance. As for the first products, the new ones are reliable, simple and completely automated, quality that has always been a key factor in the company production. Investing in research to continuously offer better products.

Specifications and advantages

The advantages of purchasing a M4S mixer are many:

Easy to use

More than 50 alarms

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Multilanguage touch panel

Easy to use

The ease of use makes it suitable for everyone, it is not necessary to have any specific training to work with it, completely automated with very low margin of error thanks to continuous functional testing. Technical coverage is guaranteed with almost total assistance everywhere in the world, the parts are entirely produced in the company. In case of problems an engineer can be available.


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