Vea Srl was founded in 1984 by Fausto Gasparini. It is an important asset of “made in Italy” specialized in the production of mixers for adhesives with or without addiction of solvents in the world of flexible packaging. Gasparini was already known in the packaging world after having founded Nordmeccanica.


The monodispenser designed and made entirely in Vea mechanical workshop meets the need to have a mono-component adhesive at a temperature of 80-90°, in the quantity necessary to feed an industrial coupling machine. It is a dispenser that works with mono-component resins within one hour and a half from the start and it is able to provide the adhesive at the correct temperature.

Specifications and advantages

The advantages of purchasing a Monodispenser are many:

Easy to use

Completely automated

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Guaranteed technical assistance

Easy to use

The ease of use makes our mixer suitable for everyone, there is no need for specific preparation to work with it, completely automatized with very low margins of error thanks to the continuous tests during the trial phase. Technical coverage is guaranteed with almost total assistance all over the world, the pieces are entirely produced in our plant. In case of specific requests, a technician can be made available.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding our services, We are always at your disposal for any kind of information that you might need